1. What is the ‘7 Swipes to 7 Wonders’ campaign all about?
The ‘7 Swipes to 7 Wonders’ campaign is BonusLink’s main campaign for this year. Basically, Members have to swipe 7 times at 3 or more Partners to stand a chance to win a dream holiday. Every block of 7 swipes entitles the member for 1 entry. The objective of the campaign is to increase card usage and encourage cross visits at our Partner outlets.

2. What is the duration of the campaign?
From 1st October 2007 to 31st December 2007.

3. How do I qualify for this campaign?
This campaign is open to all BonusLink Members who are 18 years old and above, except the employees of BonusKad Loyalty Sdn Bhd, BonusLink agencies and their family / relatives.

4. I heard that there is a charity element behind this campaign. What it is all about?
Upon completion of the first 7 swipes, BonusLink will contribute 7 BonusLink Points to the BonusLink 'GreenEarth' Program that will be used to green the environment. This program is BonusLink's special effort to reduce global warming.

5. Where would the Points be donated?
The Points will be channeled to activities/ projects that will help to conserve the environment.

6. Do I need to register in order to participate in this campaign?
No registration is required.

7. I reside in East Malaysia. Can I participate in this campaign?
Yes. This campaign is open to all BonusLink Members nationwide.

8. Are Supplementary Members entitled to participate in this campaign or is it limited to the Primary Members of the household account?
Anyone whether Supplementary or Primary Member can participate in this campaign. In fact, the blocks of 7 Swipes which increases your chance to win the holiday for 2 to one of the 7 Wonders of the World is based on household swipes and not individual swipes. However, staff, BonusLink agencies and their family / relatives are not entitled to participate.

9. What about non-physical swipes? I pay Astro bills through auto-debit every 3 months; hence, I am not required to swipe my BonusLink card for these transactions as Points are automatically credited into my account. However, does this mean that these transactions will not be included since there isn’t any physical swiping involved?
Even though there isn’t any physical swiping involved, your transaction will still be deemed as valid in the campaign.

10. How many winners will there be and how many prizes altogether?
There will be 7 winners. Each of them will win a trip for 2 to one of the 7 Wonders of the World. The 7 Wonders of the World are:
    • Great Wall of China
    • Pink Ruins of Petra in Jordan
    • Colosseum in Rome
    • Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy
    • Stonehenge in United Kingdom
    • Eiffel Tower in France
    • Taj Mahal in India

Each winner will also win RM 5,000 cash.

11. Can the winners select the destination or is it pre-determined to them?
Once the winners are selected, they stand a chance to choose the destination.

12. Can I win more than 1 prize?
No, one winner is entitled to only one prize.

13. How do you determine the winners?
Potential winners are electronically selected by the system. There will be a skilled component in the contest, where the selected Member will be required to answer 3 BonusLink questions correctly. Once the answers have been correctly answered, the Member will be deemed the winner. If not, a new name will be selected by the system.

14. How will the winners be notified?
Winners will be notified through telephone, email or post at the end of the promotion.

15. How will the winners collect their prizes?
Winners will be required to collect their prizes in person in Kuala Lumpur. All costs and expenses related to the collection of the prizes will be borne by the winner. Winners will be required to attend a prize giving ceremony in Kuala Lumpur. Winners who cannot attend the prize ceremony will have their prizes forfeited and another name selected by the system.

16. Are the prizes transferable?
No, prizes are not transferable and cannot be exchanged with cash or kind.

17. Can I exchange the prize with another winner?
No, no mutual exchange amongst the winners is allowed.

18. Will the prize come with spending money?
Yes, each winner will also win RM 5,000 cash in addition to the holiday trip for 2 to one of the 7 Wonders of the World.